RIGID Industries (290413): Adapt E-Series 50″ LED Light Bar

The Adapt E-Series 50″ LED light bar from RIGID Industries features two layers of adaptive response to optimize your off-road lighting experience.

The first layer, called Active Power Management™, constantly monitors input voltage to adjust the amount of power drawn by the Adapt E-Series bar. This on-the-fly system will gradually reduce power consumption as needed until your vehicle’s power supply stabilizes.

The second layer, RIGID’s Active View Technology™, uses an internal GPS module to properly distribute power among three unique optic zones based on your vehicle’s speed—creating a beam pattern optimal for your current activity. The output seamlessly transitions among Scene optics for low speeds, Driving optics for moderate speeds, and Spot optics for high speeds.

The 50” RIGID Adapt E-Series LED light bar (PN 290413) actively manages power consumption and light output so you can Own the Night.


  • Two layers of adaptive technology manage power draw and light output.
  • Internal GPS module and three optic zones (Scene, Driving & Spot)
  • Fit all existing E-Series grilles/mounts
  • High-grade aluminum alloy heat sink and high-impact polycarbonate lenses
  • 9–36 VDC
  • Pressure-equalizing vent and over/under voltage protection
  • Include harness, switch, and relay
  • Warranty: limited lifetime
RIGID Industries Adapt E-Series Light Bars

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