Putting in Work with Putco

By John M. Arnaud

Known for its broad range of truck and SUV accessories, Putco is a giant in the truck aftermarket industry—and rightly so. From bed rails, grilles, and aesthetic trim to protective finishes and an astonishing selection of premium lighting, Putco has something for just about anyone wanting to set their pickup apart.

That’s why Performance Corner was thrilled to have National Sales Manager Scott Majors and Western Regional Sales Manager Desia Anderson in house to talk shop and get a sneak peek at what’s coming down the pike on Putco’s production schedule. (Don’t ask, we can’t tell you…yet!) What we CAN say is that we have Putco down to shoot some In the Garage and AAM University videos next year, so you can look forward to detailed installations as well as some educational series straight from the horse’s mouth.

Many thanks to Scott and Desia for taking the time to come out to see us. Without the support of manufacturers like Putco, our program wouldn’t be possible!

Putco Visits Performance Corner
Putco Visits Performance Corner

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