T-Rex Grilles: An American Original

By John M. Arnaud

Southern California–based T-Rex Grilles might be a relative newcomer to Performance Corner, but the company has been pumping out cutting-edge grille designs for nearly two decades. With a variety of series to choose from—X-Metal, Torch LED, Graphic, and Billet, to name a few—T-Rex has a style to fit your aesthetic.

Last week Performance Corner had T-Rex National Sales Manager Tom Ameduri in the office to share ideas, swap stories, and build a more effective partnership. Tom learned about all the programs we’ve put together to support local jobbers, and we discovered a few things as well. Like when T-Rex says its products are made in America, they really mean it: everything, from materials and labor to manufacturing and shipping boxes, originates domestically. The company is also ramping up production with a faster, more efficient laser cutter.

We love having these meetings because they give us the chance to connect people with people, from warehouse distributors and manufacturers to all of us here at headquarters and our nationwide network of aftermarket jobbers. Thanks for coming out to see us, Tom: without the support of manufacturers like T-Rex, our program wouldn’t be possible!

T-Rex Grilles Visits Performance Corner
T-Rex Grilles Visits Performance Corner

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Though this is not a paid review, this content has been produced by The AAM Group in support of suppliers with whom it has a business relationship.

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