Edelbrock AVS2 Series Carburetor

Edelbrock: AVS2 Series Carburetor

Operating with the benefits of a Thunder Series AVS carburetor for the price of a Performer Series carb, the new AVS2 carburetor from Edelbrock features newly calibrated annular flow primary boosters for improved off-idle and cruising performance.

Edelbrock’s design delivers improved fuel atomization to eliminate flat spots that can occur when a carb transitions from idle to full throttle. Each annular booster’s eight, equally spaced orifices improves fuel metering from idle to the main circuit.

Available in 650 CFM with manual or electric choke, and boasting both timed and full vacuum ports for ignition advance, the AVS2 carb is ideal for use with a variety of small- and big-block engines with either dual- or single-plane intake manifolds.


  • Thunder Series benefits at a Performer Series price.
  • Annular flow boosters smooth transitions from idle to full throttle.
  • 650 CFM with available manual or electric choke.
  • Timed and full vacuum ports for ignition advance.
  • Suitable for SB and BB engines with single- or dual-plane manifold.
  • Designed and made in the USA.

Edelbrock AVS2 Series Carburetor

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