CURT: Second-Straight SEMA Best New Exterior Accessory Award

A year after its BetterWeigh™ mobile towing scale won the Best New Exterior Accessory Award at SEMA, CURT repeated its success with the universal tri-ball coupler lock (23082) in 2020. The tri-ball component lets the lock fit virtually all standard coupler sizes: 1 7/8”, 2”, and 2 5/16”. 

This product represents a unique approach to trailer security.  First, it can be used while the trailer is hooked up for towing or left unattended. Second, it features unique built-in breaking points. When struck with enough force, the tri-ball will break off at the base—leaving the ball inserted in the coupler, where it continues to prevent unauthorized trailer hookup.  

Congratulations to CURT for its continued innovation! 

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