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About Hushmat

#1 Rated HushMat® provides incredible sound reduction and thermal insulation benefits from technology proven for over a quarter of a century in the automotive, heavy truck, home appliance, recreation and marine industries. Reduce noise and heat. Get the best performance every time with HushMat. HushMat was introduced to automobile manufacturers in 1988, and was approved by General Motors and Chrysler for in vehicle production. HushMat is the only company that manufacturers its own sound deadening and specified for use by every automobile manufacturer in the United States, Canada and Mexico. HushMat makes cars, trucks, boats, RV's buses, appliances, HVAC equipment and home theater more Quiet and Comfortable. Today, HushMat is the fastest growing sound deadening and thermal insulation company worldwide. Our company is built on development of technology for the most demanding and complex industrial and consumer environments. Noise reduction and temperature control of durable goods are our core competence. HushMat Ultra materials are treat any vehicle on the road today, in the water and in your home. HushMat materials are proudly manufactured in the USA and have been for over 25 years.



HushMat "Big Rig" Installation

HushMat the solution to both noise AND heat problems in your cab and sleeper! Create a more comfortable, less noisy and less stressful ride in your over-the road truck. Easiest product in the category to install, self adhesive, requires no adhesives or expensive tools to install. Forms to all interior cab and sleeper surfaces. #1 Rated in independent studies, simple peel & stick installation, cuts with household scissors or box knife, molds & contours [...]

HushMat®  Blender

HushMat® Blender

HushMat® is the #1 rated Sound Deadening and Thermal Insulation Material. Watch HushMat CEO and Founder Tim McCarthy and Clarence Barnes demonstrate the HushMat difference using HushMat products to quite the sound of a blender. HushMat supports over 365,000 vehicles. For more information visit our website: [...]

ZyCoat High Temperature Heat Dissipation Coatings for Headers, Manifolds, Turbos and Exhaust

ZyCoat High Temperature Heat Dissipation Coatings for Headers, Manifolds, Turbos and Exhaust

ZyCoat, LLC - ZyBar High Temperature Heat Dissipation patented polymer coating coats metal components preventing heat sink and performance loss. ZyBar is a single component, sprayable liquid for Pro-Coaters or Do-It-Yourselfers. Made in America.

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