Fastway: ONESTEP™ Trailer Chock

Stabilize your trailer with a ONESTEP™ chock from Fastway, which positively locks both wheels to allow for secure walking around without unwanted wheel movement. When you’re ready to set up shop, the ONESTEP™ slides into place between your tires, where it can be set and locked by stepping down on the center. This action flattens the arms against the ground and presses the steel sides firmly against each tire to prevent unwanted rocking and rolling. To disengage, just pull the cable up and release the arms. Forget the cumbersome ratcheting of other chocks: thanks to Fastway’s smart engineering, you’ll be ready to get set up or depart quickly and with zero hassle.

Available in a single pack (84-00-4000), double pack (84-00-4840), and XL single pack (84-00-4150).


  • Virtually eliminates unwanted trailer wheel movement
  • Positive wheel locking
  • Set and lock between two tires with a press of your foot
  • Quickly disengage by pulling up on cable
  • No cumbersome ratcheting
  • Available in singles, doubles, and XL singles

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