Superwinch (1140232): Winch2Go 12-Volt Portable Winch with Synthetic Rope

Packing a synthetic rope instead of steel, this version of the Winch2Go from Superwinch enjoys a lighter weight perfect for its role as a portable recovery solution. Additionally, synthetic rope has no memory for improved rigging performance and is less likely to harm the user in case of failure.

With its 4,000 lb line-pull rating (8,000 lb if using a double-line technique), the 1140232 Winch2Go SR from Superwinch is the product you need anytime you could use a pull, whether you’re at home, at the track, or blazing a new trail. It comes with a lockable, all-in-one tackle box for tidy storage, plus three shackles, two straps, one pulley block (capable of pulling 8,000 lb), 10-foot battery leads, and official Superwinch leather gloves.


  • Portable, lightweight winch with synthetic rope and hawse fairlead
  • All-in-one tactical storage box can be locked
  • Three shackles, two straps, and one pulley block
  • 10’ battery leads and stock prewired quick disconnects
  • Recessed sockets to prevent damage
  • Official Superwinch leather gloves
  • Warranty: 2-year limited

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