RIGID Industries: Radiance Pod XL

Radiance Pod XL LED light cubes from RIGID Industries pack the technology and Broad Spot optics of the company’s Radiance light bars into a compact footprint. Similar in design and shape to the popular D-XL PRO, Radiance Pod XL pods measure 4” x 4” and feature a blacked-out circuit board for a subtle, refined look. The Broad Spot optics combine the attributes of spot and flood beam patterns to succeed in a variety of lighting situations.

RIGID Radiance Pod XL offers backlighting in four colors—white, amber, blue, or red—and a Multi-Trigger Harness and separate backlit rocker switches that allow for independent control of the forward-projecting light and backlight. Comes with U-shaped stainless steel brackets.


  • 50,000-plus-hour lifespan.
  • 10–15 VDC.
  • Black exposed printed circuit board and pressure-equalizing vent.
  • Dedicated wire to run backlighting without primary LEDs.
  • D-XL construction and durability.
  • Alloy housing and heat sink.
  • Four backlight options: White, Amber, Blue, or Red.
RIGID Industries Radiance Pod XL

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