Rightline Gear: Anti-Theft Trailer Coupler Ball

Stop trailer tow-away in its tracks with the anti-theft coupler ball from Rightline Gear, which protects your trailer when it’s off the vehicle. Made from ultra-strong polycarbonate, the anti-theft coupler ball fits the space where hitch balls and other towing devices are inserted. Once it’s in place and secured by a coupler lock, this patented, innovative product cannot be broken or removed—preventing would-be thieves from inserting their own towing interfaces.

The Rightline Gear 100T10 anti-theft trailer coupler ball fits 1 7/8” and 2” trailer couplers and comes with the ball, a UV-protected zip tie, and setup guide. The 100T12 version comes with a trailer lock.

Note: The Rightline Gear lock fits couplers with up to a 0.75”-wide locking mechanism. Some trailers on the market have wider locking mechanisms.


  • Fills hitch space in coupler to prevent towing devices from being inserted
  • Polycarbonate ball cannot be broken or removed once secured with a lock
  • Fits 1 7/8” and 2” trailer couplers
  • Impossible to misplace when zipped to trailer chain
  • 100T10 includes the trailer ball, UV-protected zip tie, and setup guide.
  • 100T12 also includes the trailer lock.
Rightline Gear Anti-Theft Trailer Coupler Ball 100T12

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