ReadyLIFT: SST Lift and Leveling Kits for 2019 GM 1500 AT4/Trail Boss

Having completed the research necessary to properly address leveling issues unique to the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 and Chevy Silverado 1500 Trail Boss, ReadyLIFT is announcing exciting new kits designed specifically to work with those applications.

The 66-3921 1.75” leveling kit provides the lift you want without interfering with factory strut geometry and clearances. To combat these trucks’ lack of dynamic range when further lifted, this kit includes ReadyLIFT’s popular tubular upper control arms with corrected ball joint cup angles, heavy-duty replaceable ball joints, and new Terrain Control Technology (TCT) maintenance-free pivot bushings with side-biter washers for improved alignment retention.

AT4/Trail Boss owners who want a little more lift should consider the 69-3920 2” SST lift kit, which is also designed to work with those trucks’ factory 2” lift.

Note: Both kits begin shipping in August.


  • For 2019 GM 1500 AT4/Trail Boss trucks
  • 69-3920 SST Lift Kit
    • AT4: max tire size 305/55-20, 20×9, 0-offset wheel
    • Trail Boss: max tire size 295/65-20, 20×9, 0-offset wheel
  • 66-3921 Leveling Kit
    • AT4: max tire size 275/60-20, 20×9, 0-offset wheel
    • Trail Boss: max tire size 295/65-20, 20×9, 0-offset wheel
ReadyLIFT SST Lift and Leveling Kit for AT4_Trailboss GM 1500 66-3921

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