Race Sport Lighting: RoadRunner Series Light Bars and Auxiliary Spotlights

New from Race Sport Lighting, the RoadRunner Series of light bars and auxiliary spotlights combines slimmer, more stylish Blacked Out® frames with a compliant design you can blaze when not conquering off-road trails.

While most high-powered LED light bars are approved only for off-road use because of their wide optical beam patterns, lights in the RoadRunner Series keep the extra light focused straight and to the sidewalk, down and low. This pattern makes these lights great for work vehicles that have to operate in remote areas away from streetlights, plus for general drivers looking for more reaction time in low-light driving conditions.

Race Sport Lighting unveiled a new manufacturing style with the launch of the RoadRunner Series as well, using a screwless frame for a weatherproof seal and an innovative heat-transfer lens that prevents ice buildup in cold environments and the undesirable refraction that can go along with it, heating up the lens face up to 30 degrees warmer than competing brands.

RoadRunner Series lights are currently available in 7”–50” light bars, auxiliary cubes, spotlights, and flush-mount variants.


  • Slim, heavy-duty, Blacked Out® housing
  • Screwless frames create a waterproof seal.
  • Compliant design for on- and off-road applications
  • Heat-transfer lens helps prevent ice buildup and unwanted refraction.
  • Available in 7”–50” light bars, auxiliary cubes, spotlights, and flush-mount variants

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