DECKED (AD5-DBOX): D-Box Toolbox

Specifically engineered to work with DECKED slide-out drawers, the D-Box toolbox maximizes drawer-storage efficiency with its interlocking, nested design. The USA-made D-Box is durable and waterproof thanks to its sealed gaskets. Two of these toolboxes will fit in a short bed (5’5”) slide-out DECKED drawer; three will fit in a full-size (6’6”) drawer.

Each DECKED D-Box toolbox (PN AD5-DBOX) features recessed locking levers, two grip points, horizontal and vertical carry handles, a ruler, common bolt/bit guide, and two dividers.

Note: Will not fit mid-size systems with narrow drawers.


  • Maximizes DECKED slide-out drawer storage
  • Interlocking nested design
  • Gasket sealed for waterproof operation
  • Recessed locking levers and strategically placed handles
  • Dimensions: 20.5” x 17.5” x 8”
  • Storage capacity: 1,821 cu-in
  • Weight limit: 50 lb
  • Made in the USA

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