CURT: Multi-Flex/MultiPro Tailgate Sensor

Preventing the damage that can occur when your Chevrolet Multi-Flex or GMC MultiPro inner tailgate unintentionally deploys against an installed hitch accessory, this innovative sensor from CURT protects against costly damage and downtime without the expense and cutting/splicing of alternative products.

The CURT MultiPro/Multi-Flex tailgate sensor disables inner tailgate functionality when any shank is installed in the receiver. It is integrated into a standard hitch cap and turns any ball mount into a Multi-Flex or MultiPro tailgate hitch. No extra electronics or batteries are required; just route the included wiring harness along the underbody of your truck, then plug into the factory connections in the midgate panel (some tailgate disassembly required). Complete instructions included.

Available for 2” receivers (PN 58265) and 2.5” receivers (PN 58266).


  • For Chevrolet and GMC trucks equipped with an inner tailgate
  • Prevents inner tailgate from folding down when a shank is installed
  • Helps avoid costly damage and downtime
  • Includes sensor cap and wiring harness
  • No splicing or cutting required to installation
  • No extra batteries or electronics required
  • Will not interfere with trailer or towing accessories
  • Available for 2” and 2.5” receivers
  • Warranty: 1 year limited
CURT MultiPro Multi-Flex Tailgate Sensor 58265

P65: YES: 58265

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