Belltech: Trail Performance Lifting Struts for ’16-’20 Toyota Tacoma 4WD

Belltech’s Trail Performance Lifting Struts are now available for 2016–2020 Toyota Tacoma 4WD (all engines and cabs). Legendary Belltech performance and safety are standard, carefully calibrated for a 4” to 6” lift. The 28015 Belltech kit delivers finely tuned low-speed compression and rebound and spirited drives without sacrificing comfortable everyday driving characteristics.


  • For 2016–2020 Toyota Tacoma 4WD (all engines/cabs)
  • Added comfort and performance on 4”–6” lifts
  • Finely tuned low-speed compression and rebound
  • Comfortable everyday commutes
  • Improved performance for spirited drives
Belltech Trail Performance Lifting Struts for Tacoma 4WD 28015

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