ARC Lighting: Tiny Monster Xtreme Series Light Bars

LED light bars are ideal when a wide beam of light is preferred in certain driving conditions. Well suited for off-road adventuring, emergency vehicles, and even daily driving, Tiny Monster street-legal Xtreme Series light bars maximize light output and enhance road safety.

With an innovative design and cutting-edge technology, Xtreme Series light bars boast multiple sizes, brightness, and mounting options. This versatility lets customers tailor Tiny Monster to meet their specific lighting needs, whether for dirt roads, city streets, or interstate highways. The all-new optical design produces an SAE-compliant beam pattern and surpasses the power of most off-road light bars. Plus, customers gain the unique utility of combining driving, fog, and emergency strobe beams into one ultimate package.

Available in 6”, 10”, and 20” widths, Xtreme Series light bars are engineered with a low-profile chassis and patented, performance-rated optics. Each set comes with all components necessary for installation, such as mounting brackets and a no-drill wiring harness.


  • Light output: 1,400–7,300 lumens (per light)
  • Power: 32–144 watts
  • Current: 2.4–10.6 amps (@13.6 VDC)
  • Voltage: 10–36 VDC
  • Widths available: 6”, 10”, and 20”
  • Beam patterns available: fog/strobe, auxiliary high beam, and auxiliary high beam/fog/strobe
  • Warranty: 3 years

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