AAM Group™ Honored SEMA Hall of Fame Inductees with Pinewood Derby Trucks

AAM Builds Pinewood Derby Trucks for SEMA Cares Charity to Honor 2016 SEMA Hall of Fame Inductees
AAM Builds Pinewood Derby Trucks for SEMA Cares Charity to Honor 2016 SEMA Hall of Fame Inductees

Trucks Also to Benefit SEMA Cares Charities through Pinewood Drag Race Event

The AAM Group™, the largest program distribution group in the SEMA marketplace, bought and built three pinewood derby trucks to benefit the SEMA Cares charitable organization. The trucks, each sponsored by one of AAM’s retail marketing programs, were raced alongside other entrants in the Pinewood Derby that was held directly before the SEMA Installation Banquet & Gala Fundraiser last Friday in Pomona, Calif.

In a special tie-in, AAM dedicated each of the trucks to one of this year’s three new SEMA Hall of Fame inductees: Matt Agosta, Chip Foose, and Gary Hooker. The truck numbers—07, 29, and 16—commemorated the date of the event. Agosta, Foose, and Hooker were on hand to run their trucks down the track, and were presented with them afterward to additionally recognize their contributions to the industry.

“AAM has long supported the SEMA Pinewood Derby and the charities it benefits,” said AAM President Tim Odom. “This year we saw a great opportunity to use our cars to further recognize some of our industry’s heroes on our cars, as the derby coincides with their recognition. We had a great deal of fun with the design and build and hope the cars added a little color to the event.”

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